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Resources: Strategic Planning
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This page provides links to resources for bar leaders on the following subject of Strategic Planning. We invite you to send us content or links which are of use to bar leaders. To send information, please contact Rebecca Green, NCBP Program Specialist,

Strategic Planning

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
The Legal Profession in 2030 PDF (2.29 MB)  more ] Administration 2/26/2016
ABA Journal Article by Bill Henderson Link  more ] Administration 2/26/2016
Bill Henderson Analysis of Survey Data PDF (1.43 MB)  more ] Administration 2/26/2016
The Indiana Lawyer Survey Data Link  more ] Administration 2/26/2016
State Bar of Michigan The Future of Legal Services PDF (356.32 KB)  more ] Administration 7/20/2015
Further Thoughts on the July 2014 Bar Results  Link  more ] Administration 7/20/2015
The Florida Bar Practice Resource Institute Link  more ] Administration 7/20/2015
ABA Commission on the Future: National Summit Link  more ] Administration 7/20/2015
NCBP 2015 Midyear Meeting Futures Conference PDF (49.19 KB)  more ] Administration 2/24/2015
NCBL Handouts PDF (939.43 KB)  more ] Administration 1/5/2015
Communicating Change as Business as Usual Link  more ] Administration 1/5/2015
Get Passive Resisters to Embrace Change Link  more ] Administration 1/5/2015
See Things as They Are - Then Change Them Link  more ] Administration 1/5/2015
The 10 Questions Every Change Agent Must Answer Link  more ] Administration 1/5/2015