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2020 Nominations for NCBP Officer and Executive Council Positions
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2020 Nominations Open for NCBP Officer and Executive Council Positions

On behalf of the NCBP Nominating Committee, I invite you to apply for nomination to the NCBP Executive Council or to submit the name of a colleague who would be a good addition to the governing body of the NCBP. This page provides information on applications for five at-large seats for three-year terms beginning August 2020 and concluding August 2023.

Executive Council

The council serves as the governing board of the NCBP and is made up of fifteen at-large members (each serving a three-year term) and five officers. Terms are staggered so that five members rotate off the council each year. Council duties are listed below.


1. Current dues-paying member of the NCBP. You must be either an individual Fellow member, or, if a sitting president, a member through your bar association’s organizational membership. Please contact Steve Jones at if you are uncertain of your current membership status.

2. Attend three meetings per year.  NCBP Council Members are required to attend the Annual and Midyear meetings of NCBP, plus a Fall NCBP Council Meeting. The dates and locations of the meetings between 2020-2022 are below:

NCBP Council Future Meeting Dates
 2020 NCBP Annual Meeting July 31 - August 1, 2020 Chicago, IL
 2020 NCBP Fall Council Meeting Oct. 1-3, 2020 Fontana, WI
 2021 NCBP Midyear Meeting
 Feb. 10-16, 2021
 Chicago, IL
 2021 NCBP Annual Meeting  August 4 - 10, 2021  Toronto, ON
 2021 NCBP Fall Council Meeting  TBD, Sept. or Oct., 2021  Jacksonville, FL
 2022 NCBP Midyear Meeting February 9 - 14, 2022  Seattle, WA
 2022 NCBP Annual Meeting August 3 - 9, 2022  Chicago, IL

Council members are reimbursed for two nights’ lodging for the Fall Council Meeting. Airfare is not reimbursed. Registration fees for NCBP midyear and annual meetings are waived for council members. Travel expenses incurred as a result of attendance at midyear or annual meetings are not reimbursed; in some cases, a council member’s bar association may cover these expenses; it is up to the member to find out if his/her bar’s policies permit such reimbursement. 

3. Participate in NCBP Committees. Each council member will sit on and participate in the work of two to three NCBP committees. You can see more about NCBP committees and responsibilities here

Office of Secretary
Nomination to the office of secretary is the first step toward serving as president of the NCBP. The secretary subsequently serves as treasurer, president-elect, president and immediate past president. Officers’ duties are similar to those listed above under Executive Council and also include the activities generally associated with the respective office. In addition, the president-elect is the Program Committee chair for the annual and midyear meetings, and the immediate past president is the chair of the Nominating Committee. All officers serve on the Executive Committee and take part in periodic meetings via conference call between meetings of the full Executive Council.

The Nominating Committee considers service to the NCBP through committee work or participation as a presenter at meetings; geographic representation; diversity of bar size and type; overall diversity of the council; and personal interviews. The committee also considers performance of council member duties for those seeking the office of secretary.

To apply for the position of NCBP Executive Council or NCBP Secretary, please complete the nomination form.

The deadline for receipt of letters of interest/nomination letters, resumes and letters of recommendation is  Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Materials submitted electronically will be accepted if received by 11:59 p.m., CDT, on June 10.

Interviews for council positions as well as the office of secretary will be held at the NCBP Annual Meeting in Chicago on Thursday, July 30, 2020, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Applicants will be notified of their interview appointment time by July 10, 2020. Please contact Teresa Peavy at or 312/988-5347 if you have any questions about the nomination process.

I look forward to seeing you at the NCBP Annual Meeting in Chicago and, I hope, at the Nominating Committee interviews.

Jennifer Parent, NCBP Nominating Committee Chair