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2019 NCBP Annual Meeting Handouts
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Below please find the handouts and presentations for the 2019 NCBP/NCBF Annual Meeting plenaries and workshops. Please note that in order to be more green, handouts will not be distributed onsite, so please download those handouts you would like prior to the meeting.

Please be sure to check back often, as handouts are being added up to and sometimes even after the meeting.




Thursday Afternoon Plenary - The Bar as a Navigator




Meeting Mindfulness Room
Opening Plenary - Leadership Today for a Dynamic Bar World
First Set of Joint Workshops
Workshop 1A: Strategies to Help You Navigate Mandatory Bar Challenges

Workshop 2A: Maximize Income, Reduce Expenses With Non-Dues Revenue

Workshop 3A: Leading Well—Creating Wellness & Quality of Life at Your Bar

Workshop 4A - Metro Bar Issues--Member Engagement: Your Bar’s Deliberate Plan for Growth

Workshop 5A - NCBF: Go Bold: Add Innovation to Your Program Grant Management
  • No Handouts at this time.

NCBP/NABE/NCBF Joint Awards Luncheon

Second Set of Joint Workshops
Workshop 1B: Becoming a Tech Competent Bar

Workshop 2B: The Power of the Bar Ensuring Constitutional Rights

Workshop 3B: It’s Not “Us” vs. “Them,” – It’s a Bar for All
  • No Handouts at this time.

Workshop 4B - Metro Bar Issues: Leveraging Regionalism to Move All Bars Forward

Workshop 5B - NCBF: Managing Successful Scholarship Programs: Tips from an Established Leader
  • No Handouts at this time.

NCBP Friday Afternoon Plenary - Getting Out of Your Own Lens

Roundtable Discussion Time
Metro Bar Roundtables and In Vino Veritas
  • No Handouts at this time.

State Bar Roundtables
  • No Handouts at this time.


NCBP Breakfast Discussion, ABA President Speaks

Saturday Morning Plenary--Leadership by Design: Innovation, Collaboration, and the Extraordinary Bar