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2018 NCBP Annual Meeting Program
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2018 NCBP Annual Meeting


Please Note: Unless otherwise noted below, all sessions and events will take place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 E. Upper Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60601. Times, dates, topics, titles and speakers are subject to change.



8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
NABE/NCBP/NCBF Meeting Registration

Group Office, East Tower, Ballroom Level
(Closed for lunch 12:15 – 1:30 PM)


10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
NCBP Program Committee Meeting
Chicago Bar Association, 321 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 

12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
NCBP Council Meeting
Chicago Bar Association, 321 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
NCBP Metro Bar Caucus Committee Meeting
Chicago Bar Association, 321 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM
NCBP 1st Timers Event
Grand Ballroom E, East Tower, Ballroom Level
Please attend this event if this is your first NCBP conference! Get to know bar leaders from across the country, and hear what’s happening at the 2018 NCBP Annual Meeting. Meet NCBP leaders to learn about the organization and opportunities to be involved.


4:15 PM - 4:30 PM
Transfer Break
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM 


NCBP / ABA Joint Forum: The Deputy Attorney General of the United States, Rod Rosenstein
Grand Ballroom, East Tower, Ballroom Level


5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Transfer Break


5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
NCBP Welcome Reception
Regency Ballroom C, West Tower, Ballroom Level
NCBP welcomes all NCBP, NABE Joint Registration and NCBF attendees to the 2018 NCBP Annual Meeting at this Welcome Reception! Meet new friends and old to enjoy some refreshments before your night on the town in Chicago. All NCBP, NABE Joint Registration and NCBF registrants and their registered guests will receive two drink tickets. A cash bar is also available.

Sponsored by LexisNexis


7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
NCBF/NCBP Council and Council Alumni Dinner
Park Grill, 11 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL
Advance Registration Required

Sponsored by LexisNexis



8:10 AM - 5:00 PM
NABE/NCBP/NCBF Meeting Registration
Group Office, East Tower, Ballroom Level
(Closed for lunch 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM)


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Nominating Committee Meeting
Monroe Boardroom 1, East Tower, Concourse Level


8:40 AM - 9:10 AM
Welcome & Introductions

Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level

NCBP President Christine H. Hickey will welcome attendees along with her fellow organization presidents and our host local/state bar representatives. NCBP Sponsors will also be introduced so they can say a few words before the program begins.


Christine H. Hickey, Indianapolis, IN, President, National Conference of Bar Presidents

Karen Hutchins, Little Rock, AR, President, National Association of Bar Executives

Leslie L. Barineau, Birmingham, AL, President, National Conference of Bar Foundations

James F. McCluskey, Lisle, IL Illinois State Bar Association President

Steven M. Elrod, Chicago, IL Chicago Bar Association President


9:10 AM - 10:20 AM
Opening Plenary – Game Changers in Leadership, Innovation and Collaboration
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
The world is moving quickly and bar and foundation leaders need to not only need to be on top of their game to be effective – they need to change the game. During this fast-paced and interactive TED-style session, we’ll talk with three industry leaders on how you can lead, innovate, and collaborate to change the game at your bar association or foundation. Association expert Debra Bachman Zabloudil will share advice on changing leadership strategies in the 21st Century. Aileen Schultz, co-founder of the Global Legal Hackathon, will provide insights on how hackathons can help your bar and foundation create innovative programs and solutions. Law School Transparency Executive Director Kyle McEntee will explain how bar associations, foundations and law schools can collaborate to produce game-changing new lawyers.

Bob Glaves, Chicago, IL Executive Director, The Chicago Bar Foundation

Kyle McEntee, Raleigh, NC, Executive Director, Law School Transparency
Aileen Schultz, Toronto, ON, Director of Network Intelligence & Co Founder, Integra Inc. & Global Legal Hackathon
Debra Zabloudil, Chicago, IL., President & CEO, The Learning Studio
Sponsored by Microsoft


10:20 AM - 10: 45 AM
Sponsorship Break
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
Take a break to meet with NCBP sponsors! Enjoy a refreshment while you learn about their products and services. And be sure to leave your business card with the sponsors you meet for a chance to win great raffle prizes being drawn at the conclusion of the afternoon sponsor break.


10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
First Set of Joint Workshops

Workshop 1A: Turbo Charging Your Association’s Strategy in Times of Rapid Change
Columbus Hall EF, East Tower, Ballroom Level
It is a certainty: either we change, or the world changes without us. Those of us in associations must be keenly aware of the rapid pace of change, and making plans for how to adapt our organizations accordingly. In many cases, what members are wanting and needing from their associations are changing, and we must innovate accordingly. In this course you will learn key metrics to be examining and measuring consistently to determine how you are meeting member needs; engagement strategies that will turn members who are less engaged into champions; and product and service ideas that will change the landscape of how your associations reaches members.

Debra Zabloudil, Chicago, IL., President & CEO, The Learning Studio


Workshop 2A: How to Change the Game with Hackathons
Columbus Hall GH, East Tower, Ballroom Level
Hackathons are changing the game when it comes to combining law and technology to solve problems, create new business opportunities, and explore innovative approaches to our profession. This session will answer all your questions - what exactly is a hackathon, why should you host one, and how do you pull off a successful event? Experts will discuss what works, what doesn’t, and what pitfalls may arise, as well as how to market these events and make them powerful tools for your community. 
Patrick Palace, Tacoma, WA, Past President, Washington State Bar Association, and Member, NCBP Executive Council

Leigh-Ann Buchanan, Miami, FL, Executive Director, Venture Cafe Miami
Chad Burton, Dayton, OH, CEO, CuroLegal
Aileen Schultz, Toronto, ON, Director of Network Intelligence & Co Founder, Integra Inc. & Global Legal Hackathon

Workshop 3A: Law Schools and Bar Associations – a Game-Changing Collaboration Opportunity  
Grand Ballroom A, East Tower, Ballroom Level
We’ve all seen the data – bar passage rates have been declining, and new and young lawyers are having a tough time making it in the profession when they finally do pass the bar. What can a bar association do to ensure law students are not only ready to pass the bar, but ready to become tomorrow’s legal profession and bar association leaders? Collaboration with law schools is key. Kyle McEntee will continue his opening plenary discussion on law school transparency, joined by Sara Austin from the Pennsylvania Bar Association and Marlon Primes from the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, who will share bar collaboration efforts with law schools in their area.

Rita Sheffey, Atlanta, GA, Past President, Atlanta Bar Association, and Member, NCBP Council

Sara A. Austin, York, PA, Past President, Pennsylvania Bar Association
Kyle McEntee, Raleigh, NC, Executive Director, Law School Transparency
Marlon A. Primes, Cleveland, OH, Assistant U.S. Attorney, N.D Ohio, President, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association


Workshop 4A: Game Changers in Metro Bar Leadership - Access to Justice Points at the Local Level
Grand Ballroom, East Tower, Ballroom Level
According to some reports, the unmet legal needs of the public affects millions every year.  For many, the costs are too high or access is too difficult. Join our panel of bar leaders who are trying new and innovative ways to expand access to justice, including the Chicago Bar Foundation’s Justice Entrepreneurs Project Incubator program, and the Baton Rouge Bar Association’s Ask-A-Lawyer program and Family Court self-represented help desk.  Attendees will not only be able to adapt these programs for their bar; they will also have a chance to share programs they are trying to tackle the access gap in their own states and cities.

Trevor Clarke, Chicago, IL, Director, Chicago Bar Foundation Justice Entrepreneurs Project
Shunte S. Goss, Hillside, IL, Owner, Law Office of Shunte S. Goss, and Alum, Chicago Bar Foundation Justice Entrepreneurs Project
Linda Law Clark, Baton Rouge, LA, President, Baton Rouge Bar Association

Workshop 5A (NCBF): Build Your Preferred Future Pink Floyd Style: With Pigs on the Wing

Grand Suite 3 (East Tower, Ballroom Level)
Description Coming Soon

Dawn Franks, CITY, ST., President, Your Philanthropy, Inc.


11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
NCBP/NABE/NCBF Joint Awards Luncheon
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
Join us for this luncheon to honor the outstanding work of individuals, bar associations, foundations and other law-related institutions. This luncheon will celebrate their work on behalf of the profession and the organized bar with the following awards:

·       2018 ABA E. Smythe Gambrell Awards
2018 ABA Harrison Tweed Awards
2018 ABA Partnership Program Awards
2018 NCBF/LexisNexis Partnerships for Success Awards
2018 NABE Bolton Award for Outstanding Bar Leadership

See page ___-___ for award winner information.


1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
NCBP Sponsorship Break
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
Enjoy dessert during this final opportunity to meet with NCBP’s fabulous sponsors. Be sure to drop off your business cards and stay for the raffle prizes drawing, which will be held at the end of the break – you must be present to win!


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Second Set of Joint Workshops

Workshop 1B: Game Changing Leadership - Lessons Learned:  Leading a Unified Bar in a Changing Legal Environment
Columbus Hall EF, East Tower, Ballroom Level
Many unified (or mandatory) bars are facing increased scrutiny from their members, the courts, and their state legislatures.  Questions about unified bars’ dues and structures as well as perceived political positions (even in light of Keller) and overall relevance to practicing members has caused various tests and challenges for unified bars.  Please join us as a panel of unified bar leaders discuss these and other issues relating to united bars.  They will outline how they met those challenges and suggest ways you can prepare for the future.

Michelle A. Behnke, Madison, WI, Past President, State Bar of Wisconsin
H. Dickson Burton, Salt Lake City, UT, President, Utah State Bar
Ed D. Philpot, Jr., Laconia, NH, Vice President, New Hampshire Bar Association


Workshop 2B: Innovation Showcase
Columbus Hall GH, East Tower, Ballroom Level
This program will introduce two innovative bar initiatives you can take home to your association – and will allow you to share your innovative programs as well. The ABA Center for Professional Responsibility’s Proactive Management-Based Regulation (PMBR) changes lawyer regulation from a reactive disciplinary model to a proactive model, to prevent ethics problems before they even happen. Another initiative, by the ABA Center for Innovation, brings together legal technology thought leaders and legal aid providers to deliver basic legal services to legal aid clients for free or at low cost. These initiatives will be game changers for lawyers and legal services. Hear about how you can bring these initiatives back to your bar, and be ready to share your bar’s innovative programs!

Marty Smith, Seattle, WA, Vice Chair, ABA Center for Innovation


Workshop 3B: Game Changers – Diversity & Inclusion in Bar Membership – Millennials, Mothers, and Minorities
Grand Ballroom A, East Tower, Ballroom Level
In this interactive session, learn how state, metropolitan and specialty bars are using inclusion as a membership tool by focusing on specific needs of members and creating new opportunities for them to be engaged with and feel valued by their bar associations.

Kathleen Wilkinson, Philadelphia, PA, Past Chancellor, Philadelphia Bar Association

Michelle Browning Coughlin, J.D., M.S.W., Louisville, KY, Founder, President, MothersEsquire
Sharon R. López, Lancaster, PA, Immediate-Past President, Pennsylvania Bar Association
Bryan S. Neft, Pittsburgh, PA, President, Allegheny County Bar Association


Workshop 4B: Game Changers in Metro Bar Leadership - Lawyers Doing Good in the Community
Grand Ballroom A, East Tower, Ballroom Level
As our nation continues to evolve, lawyers and the legal profession are playing an increasingly important role in serving the public good, and bar associations that serve the public interest can use the power of the law to promote positive change and strengthen our communities. By collaborating with nonprofit organizations, government, and community partners, bar associations are helping to build platforms for systemic intervention. These efforts, combined with real-time quality legal assistance, can create powerful opportunities and models of what lawyers can do to improve communities and advance sustainable futures.  Hear from a panel of metropolitan bar leaders who will speak to the difference a bar association can make and share their citywide response models in key areas including gun violence, opioid addiction and eviction.
Daniel M. Kotin, Chicago, Il, Past President, Chicago Bar Association
Mary F. Platt, Philadelphia, PA, Chancellor, Philadelphia Bar Association
Michele Worobiec, Esq., Chicago, IL, Chief Counsel, TASC, Inc. (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities)


NCBF Workshop 5B: Telling the Untold Story of Unrestricted Impact
Grand Suite 3, East Tower, Ballroom Level
So many of us do a great job telling the impact of scholarship funds on our organizations. We tell sweeping stories of the impact of a new building. But how do we tell the story of unrestricted or annual fund donors, those which we know are the most important but whose gifts we don’t steward well? Regardless of gift size, today’s annual fund donors expect more than a gift receipt acknowledging their contribution. Donors are looking to see the impact their philanthropy, and including the collective resources of the annual fund, are having on the institution. As we recognize that retaining donors is essential for long-term success, creating robust stewardship programs for your annual fund gifts across all levels is mission critical. In this workshop session, we will explore the various messages and channels that have proven to be effective stewardship as we work to keep these donors engaged. This session is for bar foundations of all sizes, and any staff or volunteer leaders involved in fundraising, annual giving or donor relations.

Lynne M. Wester, Austin, TX, Founder and Principal, Donor Relations Guru Consulting


2:30 PM – 2:45 PM
Transfer Break


2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
Friday Afternoon Plenary: An Interview with Fred Gray: An Original Game Changer
Join NCBP Past President Carl Smallwood as he interviews veteran civil rights attorney Fred Gray, whose legal career began during the civil rights movement. Mr. Gray has been at the forefront of changing the social fabric of America regarding desegregation, integration, constitutional law, racial discrimination in voting, housing, education, jury service, farm subsidies, medicine and ethics, and generally in improving the national judicial system. He was the moving force in the establishment of the Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center (the Center), which serves as a memorial to the participants of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, but also educates the public on the contributions made in the field of human and civil rights by Native Americans, African Americans, and Americans of European descent. Mr. Gray served as the President of the National Bar Association in 1985, the Alabama State Bar in 2002-2003, and on the NCBP Council from 2003 to 2006. Mr. Gray’s book, “Bus Ride to Justice” will be on sale prior to the plenary, and he will be signing books after the program.

Carl D. Smallwood
, Columbus, OH, Past President, National Conference of Bar Presidents

Fred D. Gray
, Tuskegee, AL, Attorney, Past President, National Bar Association, and Past President, Alabama State Bar Association
National Association of Bar Executives
Power, Rogers & Smith, P.C.
ABA Commission on Disability Rights (CDR)
ABA Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

3:40 PM -  3:45 PM
Transfer Break


3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Roundtable Discussions

State Bar Roundtables: Chatter Box!
Grand Suite 5, East Tower, Ballroom Level
In this program, YOU do the talking!  Join State Bar Association leaders for an interactive opportunity to garner information from folks just like you. Get a peek from other voluntary and unified bar association officers about the threats and concerns we are facing and what may linger on the horizon. Discover the treasures of new and innovative ideas and programs that have proven successful across the country. We promise you will leave with a plethora of helpful information, and we will take the notes for you!

Metro Bar Roundtables: In Vino Veritas
Acapulco, West Tower, Ballroom Level
The metro bar roundtables and In Vino Veritas event continues to be a can’t miss session. We will discuss several topics based upon the day’s programming. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with other metro bar leaders and bring your ideas for making metro bars smarter and stronger.



* Please Note - NABE/NCBP/NCBF Meeting Registration will NOT be open on Saturday, August 4.


8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
NCBP Breakfast Discussion, ABA President-elect Speaks
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
Join us for breakfast and The Great NCBP Read! NCBP wants to know what books have been a game-changer for you. During breakfast, tables will have time discuss books on leadership, innovation, and collaboration that made a difference and led to new breakthroughs. You won't want to miss our Saturday Morning Book Club! 

Also hear from ABA President and Past President of the State Bar of Montana, Bob Carlson, on what's ahead for the ABA, before we delve into the Saturday Morning Plenary.

Robert M. Carlson, Butte, MT, President-elect, American Bar Association


9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Saturday Morning Plenary - Changing the Game in Access to Justice
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
Lawyers and bar associations have been trying to effectively unite the legal profession and technology for several years now. But the time for waiting is over. The future is here and technology is now the norm for lawyers, the legal profession and bar associations. So why haven’t we figured out the answer to access to justice and why are millions of Americans are still unable to find legal help? Join this collaborative game-changing session as we talk with bar leaders, technology experts, and the judiciary on how we can bridge the gaps between legal services, technology and access to justice for all.

Jayne Reardon, Chicago, IL, Executive Director, 2Civility

William Henderson, Bloomington, IN, Faculty, Stephen F. Burns Professor of Law, Indiana University Mauer School of Law
Justice Thomas L. Kilbride, Rock Island, IL, Justice, Illinois Supreme Court, Chicago Bar Association
John Phelps, Phoenix, AZ, CEO, State Bar of Arizona
Ed Walters, Washington, DC, CEO, Fastcase


11:00 AM - 11:20 AM
Final Discussion and Wrap-up
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
There’s been a lot of game-changing ideas taking shape at the 2018 NCBP Annual Meeting! This is your chance to ask a final question, share one more idea, or think about what programs or concepts you want to take back to your bar.


11:20 AM - 11:30 AM
NCBP Nominating Committee Report and Passing of the Gavel
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
NCBP Immediate Past President Jonathan Cole will provide the Nominating Committee Report of new NCBP Officers and Council Members for approval by the NCBP membership in attendance. Christine H. Hickey will pass the gavel to Jennifer L. Parent, who will be installed as the 2018-2019 NCBP President, and call the meeting to a close.


11:30 AM


11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
New Council Orientation
Regency Ballroom A/B, West Tower, Ballroom Level
New NCBP Council members are asked to attend a one-hour orientation to get better acquainted with NCBP and their role as a Council member, as well as learn about their fellow 2018 Council classmates.




2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
The Miranda Project: Justice System Improvements Through Technology and Language Access
Columbus Hall I/J, East Tower, Ballroom Level
Utilizing the design thinking process, the ABA Center for Innovation, in conjunction with the ABA Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities, the ABA Criminal Justice Section, IIT Institute of Design, New Orleans Police Department, and other partners, began prototyping mobile applications to provide pre-recorded Miranda Rights translations for police usage. The resulting two tools utilize uniform, court certified, plain-language Spanish translations of the Rights, along with pictographic representations. Learn about the importance of Miranda Rights, and how this collaborative effort can be replicated and implemented in communities across the nation.

Melba Pearson
, ABA Center for Innovation, ACLU of Florida

Commander Otha Sandifer
, Compliance Bureau, New Orleans Police Department
Richard Pena
, Chair, ABA Commission Hispanic on Legal Rights and Responsibilities
Matthew Redle
, Sheridan County and Prosecuting Attorney, Sheridan, WY
Jeremy Alexis
, Senior Lecturer, IIT Institute of Design
Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice
Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities
Criminal Justice Section
Judicial Division
National Conference of Bar Presidents


2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Attacks on our Institutions of Democracy: The Role of the Judicial System
Plaza Ballroom
, East Tower, Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Chicago
A panel discussion exploring and addressing the long-term Russian campaign to undermine support for liberal democracy and how it might be used to undermine public trust and confidence in the US judicial system, including courts, judges, lawyers, and the rule of law.   We will be discussing techniques Russia has used in Eastern and Central Europe, as described in The Kremlin Playbook: Understanding Russian Influence, as well as other technology/cyber enabled techniques, and the impact on democratic institutions.   We will discuss the applicable legal framework that might be used to counter this threat, as well as proposals for legislation and other legal developments related to addressing the risks of foreign adversary interference.
World Justice Project.