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NABE: A Resource for Bar Leaders and Bar Association Professionals
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National Association of Bar Executives - A Resource for Bar Leaders and Bar Association Professionals

The National Association of Bar Executives celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2016.  The organization was founded by a handful of forward looking state bar association executives to provide a forum for those who had joined the new field of bar association professional staff.  From those modest beginnings, NABE has evolved to serve and to include professional bar staff members who have expertise in a wide variety of fields, from communications to marketing to finance to lobbying to governance.  However, one of NABE’s greatest strengths has been the commitment to improving the skills of those professionals who have chosen to work in the world of bar associations.  This drive for excellence in bar association professionals ultimately serves bar leaders of every association, no matter how large or small.

The Board of NABE is in the process of implementing the results of a formal strategic planning process.  One of the key components of the plan requires a comprehensive review of programs and services to ensure that NABE is providing quality and essential services to the broadest spectrum of the membership (an activity well underway). This process reaffirms the commitment to an even more skilled and better prepared NABE Bar Professional

It is readily acknowledged that the legal profession is undergoing more change and facing more challenges than the learned profession has experienced in decades.  Those issues present a similar challenge to bar associations as they reassess the changes bars must make to remain relevant to the members and viable for the future.  NABE helps its members understand the environment and shares best practices in approaching the myriad of challenges.  The pool of talented bar professionals who are NABE members stand ready to partner with bar leaders to collectively work for the benefit of their respective bars.

Many bars throughout the country are experiencing transitions in their executive director or CEO leadership positions – a natural progression as an increasing number of long term executive directors start new chapters in their professional lives.    NABE has worked to cultivate the talent that can offer solutions to the transitions, and, just as importantly, stands ready to assist those new executive directors selected by bar leaders who are new to this role in making a full and successful transition.

NABE plans to be here for the “long haul’ to provide valuable service to both bar leaders and bar association professionals.