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Law Schools are failing students of color

Higher debt and lower employment rates create a “justice gap” that’s nearly impossible to escape.

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Denia Perez

Taking on the system: 'Dreamers' are getting law degrees

Relatively few "Dreamers" have completed law degrees, said Sheila Hayre, a visiting law professor at Quinnipiac University.

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Esther Morris

Overlooked no more: she followed a trail to Wyoming, then she blazed one

The Western territory made history in 1869 by giving women the right to vote...Esther Morris became justice of the peace...she made history as well.

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where law ends

Several states weigh ABA anti-discrimination rule

A proposed professional conduct rule that could subject attorneys to disciplinary action for behavior deemed harassment or discrimination has been hotly debated…

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craft proposal

ABA furiously working to craft proposal on lawyers mental health

Ahead of the ABA annual meeting this summer, an ABA working group is debating a proposed resolution to help lawyers and law firms deal with problems of mental illness and impairment.

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wall art

Innovation is law's new game, but wicked problems remain

‘Legal innovation’ is no longer an oxymoron. The staid, precedent bound, legal guild is slowly morphing into something different.

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What is the National Conference of Bar Presidents?

NCBP was founded in 1950 to provide information and training to state and local bar association leaders and hosts bi-annual conferences of state and local bar leaders in conjunction with the ABA. Read more about our mission...

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