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On demand legal services providers want to put state battles behind them

After years of fighting state bar associations, on-demand legal services companies like Avvo, LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer have shifted to evolving their businesses.

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President Hilarie Bass

Look for implicit bias at your own firm, ABA president tells lawyers

The ABA’s longitudinal study revealed that despite today’s high number of female law school graduates and associates, only 25 percent of women are likely to remain in the profession by age 50.

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Legal Executive Forum

The problem with law schools is they only prepare future lawyers

Working in today’s legal market requires more skill than just knowing the law, but not all law schools have matched their curriculum to this changing marketplace.

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making it rain

Seasoned women lawyers gaining leverage in salary talks

The time is now for well-credentialed women lawyers to negotiate for more money and power.

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Hammer of the Judge

More white, more male, the President's demographic trend for judgeships

The face of the federal judiciary is becoming more white and more male — a trend that’s about to accelerate…

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Hamilton, GA

Did you see the Georgia federal judge portrayed in 'Hamilton'?

Lawyers might not have known that one of Georgia’s first federal judges is portrayed in the play’s climactic scene, the 1804 duel between Hamilton and Burr.

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What is the National Conference of Bar Presidents?

NCBP was founded in 1950 to provide information and training to state and local bar association leaders and hosts bi-annual conferences of state and local bar leaders in conjunction with the ABA. Read more about our mission...

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