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Ziang Sung Wan Trial, 1919

The triple homicide in D.C. that laid the groundwork for Americans' right to remain silent

Decades before the Supreme Court’s Miranda decision, a 1919 murder trial presented a precedent for protecting criminal suspects from police overreach.

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Justices Ginsburg and O'Connor

Drama about SCOTUS justices Ginsburg and O'Connor coming to TV

The show will focus on the justices' friendship and how the social impact of their jurisprudence has shaped the high court and the country.

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Steve Huerta

They served their time. Now they’re fighting for ex-felons to have the right to vote

… In Florida, where 10 percent of adults can’t vote because of a felony conviction, a ballot initiative in November would automatically restore voting rights after a prison sentence has been completed.

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Chuck Grassley

Key senator urges any wavering Supreme Court justice to retire now

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s Republican chairman said … any Supreme Court justice considering retirement from the lifetime job should announce immediately so a successor can be confirmed before the November U.S. midterm election.

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gavel in the sun

Unauthorized Practice of Law claims threaten access to justice

Late last year, TIKD sued The Florida Bar (Bar) and The Ticket Clinic for colluding to put TIKD out of business.

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natural disaster

Meeting the challenge of the legal aid crisis

The opioid crisis and the recent spate of natural disasters present new challenges to already overburdened civil legal aid providers.

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