Oregon Bar says Janus does not affect challenge to mandatory bar membership

The Oregon State Bar told a U.S. appeals court that a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling barring public-sector unions from collecting fees from nonmembers has no impact on a constitutional challenge to the state’s requirement that lawyers pay dues to the organization.

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Judy Perry Martinez

Protecting the Courts: Unfair attacks on judges undermine judicial independence, the rule of law

The judicial branch is and must always be a coequal branch with the executive and legislative branches. Judicial decision-making must never be influenced, or even appear to be swayed, by external political pressures or popular opinion.

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Emoticons Plus E-discovery Preservation Equals Frowny Face

Emojis can pose a number of unique preservation issues during the e-discovery process. But despite all of the headaches involved, there may be no getting rid of them or the legal risk they pose in the workplace.

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This McKinsey/Lean In Report Will Make You Depressed and Frustrated

There are some bright spots—sort of—in the report, now in its fifth year. But mostly, it's a big downer.

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the luminous free-floating brain

Dementia Is a Growing Problem Among Lawyers. Here's What to Do About It

Because dementia is a growing problem as the population of older attorneys increases, the State Bar of Texas in recent years has been teaching about what to do when attorneys face cognitive impairment.

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Bar Associations Must Invest in Millennial Lawyers To Survive

Belonging to a bar association used to be a tradition and a privilege. Years ago, becoming an attorney almost automatically meant joining the bar association. It was the norm.

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