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Vermont Law School

Vermont law school redux: the numbers still don't add up

The dire straits of Vermont Law School—those that lost their jobs and remaining students that will be impacted by the fallout–is no cause for celebration. 

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too big for the overhead compartment

Experienced female lawyers leave the profession because of social constraints and disrespect

Women in law already face unique challenges, but for those practicing more than 20 years, the likelihood of continued longevity becomes even more stark.

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still life with gavel

The law profession and the fourth industrial revolution

The fourth industrial revolution … will bring significant changes to the way we live, interact and do business.

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big law

Job market 'surprisingly strong' for law grads

Robust Big Law hiring bolstered the entry level employment market for the law class of 2017, which saw increases in both the overall employment rate and in median and average salaries.

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the barbots are nigh

Is the American Bar Association passe?

Why has the ABA lost its mojo and what—if anything—can it do to restore it?

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Jayne Reardon

Does the adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam foreshadow uniform regulation?

As the legal landscape evolves, the interest in attorney qualification, admission to the bar, and regulation is growing.

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