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NCBP Celebrates Diversity & Inclusion.

NCBP delivers diversity through its leadership, substantive programs, and activities and ensures that diverse bar leaders receive the resources necessary for their success. Committed to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, NCBP is continually finding ways to enhance diversity-related efforts and to build diversity within bar leadership.  Join today!

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170 top in-house lawyers warn they will direct their dollars to law firms promoting diversity

General counsels and chief legal officers at more than 170 companies have signed an open letter telling law firms they expect their lawyers to “reflect the diversity of the legal community and the companies and the customers we serve.”

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Kennedy Airport, January 2017

God Bless America, and Her Lawyers

Images of immigration lawyers huddled together over laptops on airport floors across the country made global news. Nineteen hours and a habeas corpus petition titled Darweesh v. Trump later, Mr. Darweesh was the first detainee to be released.

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Skadden, Proskauer Get Creative to Recruit Women and Minority Law Students

A pair of prominent law firms are stepping up their efforts to recruit women and minority law students with programs they say are unlike any others now offered in Big Law.

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Madness I tell you

How Will Legal Providers Be Affected By The Next Recession?

How will the legal industry be affected by the next recession? The thought came to mind several times recently as the stock market recorded its worst December since the Great Depression.

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Chief Justice John Roberts

Why Won’t John Roberts Accept an Ethics Code for Supreme Court Justices?

Ethics issues arise constantly at all levels of the judiciary; in the absence of a written code, both judges and the public are left in the dark about how to address and resolve them.

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How to Download the Books That Just Entered the Public Domain

Starting at midnight on January 1, tens of thousands of books (as well as movies, songs, and cartoons) entered the public domain, meaning that people can download, share, or repurpose these works for free and without retribution under US copyright law.

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What is the National Conference of Bar Presidents?

NCBP was founded in 1950 to provide information and training to state and local bar association leaders and hosts bi-annual conferences of state and local bar leaders in conjunction with the ABA. Read more about our mission...

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