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persistent bias

Lawyers say they face persistent racial and gender bias at work

An ABA study revealed that women and people of color in the legal profession continue to face barriers in hiring, promotions, assignments and compensation.

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under pressure

Why alternative legal provider market share may be limited

Many commentators argue that alternative legal provider market share is destined to grow.

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Tennis anyone?

Is outside ownership of law firms picking up steam?

The taboo subject of non-lawyer ownership of law firms is back in the conversation. Again.

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The Nine

First-year enrollment soars by double digits at some law schools

Fledgling law students began arriving on campuses this month, and some law schools are welcoming a record number of new faces.

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This Florida murder case was tried in a Havana court and U.S. prosecutors got to watch

…Five judges in long black robes listen to testimony. The defendant watches from the front row of the gallery with an armed guard at his side. There is no jury.

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killer job

The job is killing them: Family lawyers experience threats, violence

A series of surveys on violence against lawyers shows that family lawyers face disproportionate amounts of threats and violence compared to other lawyers.

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