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Second Circuit upholds ban on private investment in law firms

A federal appeals court … rejected an attempt to loosen restrictions on private investment in the legal industry, dismissing arguments that ethics rules impinge on lawyers First Amendment rights. Read more in The New York Law Journal.

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brain finger

Artificial Intelligence will not replace lawyers with IQ or EQ

There are three categories of intelligence in the legal vertical--intellectual, emotional, and artificial. Read more in Forbes.

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who judges the judges

Calif. chief justice asks ICE to quit ‘stalking’ courthouses

The chief justice of the California Supreme Court is calling on federal immigration officials to stop "stalking undocumented immigrants" in the state's courthouses. Read more in USATODAY.

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carving a legacy

726 women carve a legacy at the Supreme Court lectern

While clerking for Justice Harry Blackmun in the October 1986-87 term, Covington & Burling's Beth Brinkmann recalls seeing "dozens" of female advocates at the lectern for arguments. Read more in The National Law Journal.

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needy cheese

Will dropping the LSAT requirement create more miserable lawyers?

…Going to law school was one of my biggest regrets, ranking right up there with the time I accidentally bought low-fat Brie. Read more in The New York Times.

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Staten Island Legal Services

What will happen to Americans who can’t afford an attorney?

On the campaign trail, President Trump pledged “to bring hope to every forgotten stretch of this country.” Read more in The Atlantic.

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